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The program is structured in *three years* and it includes Mathematics Courses, Interdisciplinary Activities and Research Activities.

Each year the PhD-student is required to work the equivalent of *60 ECTS* credits that must be planned as follows:

  • First year:
    - Mathematics Courses, Seminars, Schools: at least 40 ECTS
    -  Interdisciplinary activities: at least 10 ECTS
  • Second year:
    -  Mathematics Courses, Seminars, Schools: at most 20 ECTS
    -  Research activities: at least 40 ECTS
  • Third year:
    -  Mathematics Courses, Seminars, Schools: at most 10 ECTS
    -  Research activities: at least 50 ECTS

After enrollment to the PhD program, The PhD-student chooses the Supervisor of her/his PhD Thesis.

At the beginning of each year the PhD-student writes a plan of activities with her/his Supervisor ( plan of activities ).
At the end of each year the work is evaluated by the Supervisor and by the "Collegio dei Docenti" (evaluation of activities )
Available courses of the PhD program are listed here ( Courses 2017/2018 ).

To obtain the PhD a Thesis must be written (in Italian or in English). The PhD title is awarded after a successful Thesis defence.

For a full description of the regulation see:
-  Regolamento Corsi Dottorato UniMoRe
-  Regolamento interno Corso Dottorato in Matematica